Photojournalism and people, in location, preferably with natural light.
People, their stories and characters fascinates me.
Photographing is communication, co-working and enjoyable new ideas developing session between the photographer and the person in the picture.

Working experience:

I have working experience from teaching/performing tap dance
to project management in multicultural teams. I have worked in
real estate marketing, desktop publishing, project management
and human resources tasks before starting photojournalism.
That makes me convenient with very different kind of people.

Pictures for books:

Perusta oma arboretum, written by Elina Saarikoski (2022) / Tapio
Pakuri, kasvata ja tienaa, written by Anne Helenius (2020) / Metsäkustannus.
Tuohimestari, written by Anne Helenius (2018) / Metsäkustannus.

Press photographer:

Mainly for Metsälehti, Metsälehti Makasiini, Suomen Lehtiyhtymä, Omnipress and
Group Keskisuomalainen Oyj

Still photographer:
Nelonen’s serie The Black widows / Moskito Television Oy

Product pictures:
for Decorisu on Instagram @decorisu

Samples from my editorial work:

Please contact, else.kyhala at,
if you consider me as a suitable person to work with.

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