• Jarkko Kaunismäki

    Jarkko Kaunismäki

    He makes beautiful longbows for his customers. And there is Finnish maple tree in almost all of them.
    Metsälehti makasiini 5/2019

  • Mimmy Snowflake

    Mimmy Snowflake

    Story about Mimmy in Oma Aika 6/2019


  • Joose Ojala and Satu Paavola

    Joose Ojala and Satu Paavola

    Virkaneidin Menopaussi

  • Jeanette Björkqvist

    Jeanette Björkqvist

    Was selected as a Freelancer for 2018 for her creditable work.

  • Seppo Silaste

    Seppo Silaste

    Future doctor, who developed an application for visually impaired people.

  • Georgette Singbe

    Georgette Singbe

    as a museotrainee in Kansallismuseo.
    Akpé-newspaper 2/2018

  • Marko Makkonen the CEO of Lumir Oy

    Marko Makkonen the CEO of Lumir Oy

    shows how bio-based solution for indoor acoustics looks like.
    This material can be sprayed directly to ceilings or walls to reduce reverberation.
    Metsälehti makasiini 7/2018

  • Mari Tammisaari

    Mari Tammisaari

    Coping with visual impairment and modern working environment.

  • “Thoughts were that now she is being cheated”

    “Thoughts were that now she is being cheated”

    Love story of Heli and Gogo in Grand Popo, Benin. Kotiliesi 9/2018 https://kotiliesi.fi/jutut/ihmiset-ilmiot/kesken-saa-julkaista-aikaisintaan-10-5/
  • Laboratory under the burning sun

    Laboratory under the burning sun

    Reportage from Benin, development project for ETEC diarrhoea vaccine. MyLab Nyt -lehti 1/2018 https://www.mylab.fi/laboratorio-polttavan-auringon-alla/
  • Astrid Holm 100 year

    Astrid Holm 100 year

    Cheerful attitude combines these three ladies who have reached the respectable age of 100 years. Espoon kaupunki, Elinvoimaa ikääntyville liite 2017.
  • Tyyne Wikman 100 year

    Tyyne Wikman 100 year

  • Salli Lehtonen 100 year

    Salli Lehtonen 100 year

  • Tero Dillström, New uses for sawdust chips

    Tero Dillström, New uses for sawdust chips

    How to use a by-product of sawmill production, sawdust littering, in barns for animals.https://www.metsalehti.fi/arti...

  • Jaana Laine

    Jaana Laine

    Jana Laine, Researcher, currently writing a history of forest sciences for Finnish Forest Research Institute. Metsä Makasiini 2/2017.
  • Elina Mäntylä

    Elina Mäntylä

    Elina Mäntylä, designer of these beautiful wooden birch crystals. Valona products and Elina was introduced in Metsä Makasiini 8/2016.
  • Mikael Pentikäinen

    Mikael Pentikäinen

    Managing director of The Federation of Finnish Enterprises, former editor-in-chief of Helsingin Sanomat. Etelä-Suomen Sanomat 15.10.16.
  • Niko Mäenpää

    Niko Mäenpää

    Niko established a facebook group for lonely adults after he moved from Hämeenlinna to Helsinki. Helsingin Uutiset 11.9.16
  • Nanna Susi

    Nanna Susi

    Nanna Susi tells how versatile the modern visual artists are, they are working hard with lots of other tasks than just painting. Helsingin Uutiset 17.9.16
  • Päivi Paappanen, Like publisher

    Päivi Paappanen, Like publisher

    Not all the books end up into bookstores, but people still love to read. Reading is sexy! Mäntsälän Uutiset 5.6.16
  • Anna Tuori

    Anna Tuori

    Visual artist Anna Tuori studied in Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Visual Arts / Torkkelin lukio.

    Helsingin Uutiset, Metroliite 6.8.16

  • Hanna Sarén

    Hanna Sarén

    Hanna Sarén will launch this year both kimono and hat collection. Helsingin Uutiset 23.5.16
  • Katja Henttinen

    Katja Henttinen

    Katja Henttinen will be working as a paramedic after graduating at the school. Helsingin Uutiset, Metroliite 6.8.16
  • Heidi Järvinen

    Heidi Järvinen

    She is well now, but tells that it takes time to get well from depression. Those nearby she advises to be available, listen and help in everyday tasks. Helsingin Uutiset 13.4.16
  • Timo Tiainen

    Timo Tiainen

    Timo Tiainen was surprised about the amount of applications from people who would like to work in Costa del Sol. Etelä-Suomen Sanomat 22.3.16
  • Tiina Alahuhta-Kasko

    Tiina Alahuhta-Kasko

    The change of consumer values will bring new opportunities to Marimekko. Keskisuomalainen, Savon Sanomat 15.3.16
  • Maija Lukkari-Nyman

    Maija Lukkari-Nyman

    Multitalented Maija, also blogger at maijanmaailma.fi, explains how to be efficient in kitchen. Helsingin Uutiset 6.2.
  • Maiju Tuovila, Susanna Koski

    Maiju Tuovila, Susanna Koski

    Nostalgic women -blog tells about life in 1920-1940's: health, mode, handicraft and recipies.  Susanna and Maiju who are working in Lottamuseum, have been activly generating content with students in Laurea and Keuda schools. Etelä-Suomen Sanomat 28.1. ja Savon Sanomat 29.1.
  • Anders Wikström

    Anders Wikström

    The winner of the Koko suomi leipoo -baking contest 2014. “Forget the pictures and concentrate on the recipe” Anders advises. Beautiful cake is not necessarily difficult to bake, but the recipe needs to work precisely. Etelä-Suomen Sanomat 17.12.15
  • Marianne Heikkilä

    Marianne Heikkilä

    (executive manager for The Martha Organisation) Gingerbread made of rye will be a success for this Christmas! Uusimaa 14.12.15
  • Luca Platania and Saku Tuominen

    Luca Platania and Saku Tuominen

    “Everything starts from the flour”, says Luca and Saku who wrote a book called Pizze. That’s what Pizza’s heart is made of. Helsingin Uutiset 13.12.15
  • Krista Launonen

    Krista Launonen

    Creativity consultant in Mielitila: Too much harmony destroys work community. Helsingin Uutiset 14.12.15
  • Vito, Staffordshire Bull Terrier

    Vito, Staffordshire Bull Terrier

    When one family member moves, does the pet move too? Helsingin Uutiset 18.11.15
  • Verna Kaunisto-Feodorow

    Verna Kaunisto-Feodorow

    Violinist who wrote a cookbook how to eat well when you don’t have much money. Stories and recipes from the time when she was studying: Katusoittajan keittokirja. Turkulainen 10.9.15
  • Nina Sajaniemi

    Nina Sajaniemi

    Docent, University of Helsinki Research about children’s stress levels in daycare: Playful Learning in the Brain - “Stressitön päiväkotipäivä”. Helsingin Uutiset 22.8.
  • Ulla Kokko and french madeirasausages ready to be cooked

    Ulla Kokko and french madeirasausages ready to be cooked

    Cooking courses for making sausages have become very popular. Behind Olli Kaven and Emmi Ollitervo preparing spicy italiansausages. Turkulainen 5.8.2015
  • Anikó Lehtinen

    Anikó Lehtinen

    Beer specialist and author of book called: One beer!

    Keski-Uusimaa 4.9.2014

  • Janne Käpylehto and solar panels

    Janne Käpylehto and solar panels

    Energy expert who makes electricity from sun, wind and manpower with fun executions! Has also written a book about how to create an energy system for summercottage. Turkulainen 4.5.2015
  • Kebede Ararso

    Kebede Ararso

    Kebede has developed a new way to grow the passion plant so that it is easy to bond to grow dependent the wires. Normally the plant gives harvest in nine moths. Growing Kebede’s way, the plant can give harvest even three months earlier. Story from passionfruit farm in Ethiopia. New possibilities to earn money on Ethiopian countryside by growing passion fruit. Maaseudun Tulevaisuus 8.4.2015
  • Belaynesh Guta

    Belaynesh Guta

    Story about her work in Dutch company Africa Juice and her life in Adama, Ethiopia Eventolehti.fi 1/2015
  • Pigeons in Rea Ahlströms hands

    Pigeons in Rea Ahlströms hands

    Rea Ahlström, hunter who encourages people to cook game. Länsiväylä 25.8.14
  • Marc Aulén in front of Qulma

    Marc Aulén in front of Qulma

    Marc Aulén, the owner and cook of Qulma breakfast and lunch restaurant. Helsingin Uutiset 18.8.2014